Lil Red Riding Hood & Wolf-it-down

Greedy wolf gets its comeuppance.

Lil Red Riding Hood Artwork Lil’s Mum bakes the best pies in the world but they contain a secret ingredient that only Mum and Grandma know. Wolf-it-down is a Champion Pie Eater and always hungry. He steals one of Lil’s Mum’s delicious pies. They are so wonderful, he desperately wants to get his hands on the secret ingredient so his wife can make him and his son loads of pies. He knows that Lil’s Grandma knows the secret.
Lil visits her sick Grandma and, on the way, she meets a handsome woodcutter and then the wolf who tricks her into telling him where Grandma lives. Wolf-it-down gets to Grandma’s first but she won’t reveal the secret and he gobbles her up.
The handsome woodcutter comes to the rescue. Grandma is released, Lil and the Woodcutter become friends and all live happily ever after.

Action-packed musical for the whole family with 5 catchy songs.

Performed at The Colour House Theatre, SW19 in 2010 and 2014.


Duration: 1hr

Number of Songs: 5

Performed by: Adults

Suitable for: Whole family, particularly children age 3-9yrs.


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Lil Red Riding Hood & Wolf-it-down

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