Searching For The Millennium Child

A 'save the planet' environmental musical.

Millennium ChildThe Monitors are a super-intelligent life form from Planet Hope. They believe Earth is on a collision course with disaster. They are looking for a young leader who will help change the course of history over the next three decades. They have landed in a school where they believe they will find the Millennium Child. They will set up a series of tests to make sure they have the right person. The evil Prophet Doom does not want Earth to be saved. She will do her best to thwart all their plans. Six children will be monitored but it is Millie Munn (anagram of Millennium) who possesses all the qualities. Millie is chosen and over the next 30 years she will do good work that will save the planet and earn her: The Do Well Peace Prize, for all her marvellous efforts.


Duration: 1hr 15m

Number of Songs: 8

Performed by: Actors KS2/3 - Choir KS1/2/3

Suitable for: Family, ideal age 3-9yrs.


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Staging The Production

Sample Script


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Song Samples

Searching For The Millennium Child

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