Robin Hood & Maid Marian

Finest archer in the land and feisty partner rob the rich to help the poor.

Robin Hood Artwork The evil Sheriff of Nottingham is trying to marry off his ward feisty Maid Marian to his Bailiff but she is having none of it and escapes. She dresses as a lad and goes off to join Robin Hood and his Merry Men in Sherwood Forest. She wants to help them rob the rich to help the poor. Robin, not realising she’s a girl, tests out her sword-fighting and finds she is his match. He welcomes the “lad” to his team and he is delighted when she reveals who she is. The Sheriff is mad and has Marian captured. He plans an Archery competition to lure Robin, the finest archer in the land, to the castle. Robin goes in disguise and wins the competition. He rescues Maid Marian and they escape to the forest once more.

An action-packed musical for the whole family with 5 catchy songs.

Performed at The Colour House Theatre, SW19 in 2012.


Duration: 1hr

Number of Songs: 5

Performed by: Adults

Suitable for: Whole family, particularly children age 3-9yrs.


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Production Information

Sample Script


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Song Samples

Robin Hood & Marian

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