Santa's Little Helpers

A 'good triumphs over evil' Christmas tale.

Santa's Little Helpers ArtworkThe Wicked Witch of the North Pole steals Santa’s little helpers, two weeks before Christmas. The Good Fairy offers to help. She finds Molly, who is on her own with seven children and has just lost her job. The Good fairy sends the family to the North Pole with three wishes to keep them safe. On the way: they meet pirates and walk the plank; a fire breathing dragon, that nearly sets them on fire; they watch the dancing snow fairies; and finally, Molly uses her third wish to banish the Wicked Witch. Father Christmas gets his helpers back and, together, they get all the work done in good time. Molly and her family return home to a wonderful Christmas and the good news that she has her old job back.


Duration: 1hr

Number of Songs: 10

Performed by: Actors KS2 - Choir KS1/2

Suitable for: Family, ideal age 3-9yrs.


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Sample Script


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Song Samples

Santa's Little Helpers

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