Trogg's Circus

Truanting kids reform to help save the famous Trogg's Circus stand.

Troggs Circus ArtworkAlfred Trogg was a famous circus owner in the 1930s. He went around the world gathering up exciting and unusual acts. Working models (automata) of his famous acts were exhibited in a museum set up by his friend, Ted Carter. Now, Ted’s money-grabbing son, Max, plans to get rid of the models and replace them with a science stand. A group of truanting kids shelter from the rain one evening in the museum and see the models. They are fascinated by them and don’t want them to be destroyed. They want to help. They strike up a relationship with the new curator. He lets them come into the museum in the evening to work on a plan, provided they go to school in the day, which they agree to. Trogg and the automata come to life to assist. Between them all, they save the famous Trogg’s Circus stand.


Duration: 1hr 15m

Number of Songs: 10

Performed by: Actors KS2/3 - Choir KS1/2/3

Suitable for: Family, ideal age 3-9yrs.


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Staging The Production

Sample Script


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Song Samples

Trogg's Circus

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